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Harvard at 20. Admissions interviewer. Full rides, early acceptances, Ivy every year. You can't beat this #tigermom track record.

Congratulations Class of 2014: early acceptances to Harvard, UVA, UT Austin, USC and more!

Class of 2015: it's time to apply!

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I sit on the Harvard admissions interview team for three SoCal areas and have 10 years of experience preparing high school students for college admissions at every level, from Ivy League and BA-MD programs to D-students who had trouble getting into any school.

What’s different about working with me is that I don’t just edit essays – I use my insider knowledge to completely craft your application BRAND so that you stand out among the 100,000′s of applicants to your targeted schools.


I find the story that makes you stand out - and teach you how to tell it.

You’ll realize your strengths in a way you never have before – it’s been life-changing for my students – and I’ll show you exactly how to communicate that to colleges.

You'll write better than you ever have in your life - a skill you'll need long after graduation.

My students get into Harvard, Yale, Brown, Haverford, USC, Pepperdine, USD, all UC’s, Northwestern and more. They’ve won full scholarships, gotten off the waitlist INTO their dream school – unheard of for the Ivies, and gained entrance into specialty programs like BA/MD, journalism school, engineering and the arts. 

But it doesn't stop there. One is in Germany at an elite international finance committee. Another has already been published in the New York Times. My students go beyond the classroom into the world.


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