This is my now page. It helps me stay on track and manage my disease.

Current Projects

updated 1/23/19

college admissions coaching

I run Wise Child Coaching on an extremely selective basis now. Interview coaching is most likely to be accepted. For comprehensive admissions packages, the earlier you contact me, the greater your chance of working together. Please note, during chemotherapy twice a year I will not be available to take on students. In the meantime, this episode of my podcast might be helpful: How to Get Into Harvard.


The Sophia Chang Show is my main project. On it, you will find against-the-grain guidance, such as Why Positivity is Maladaptive, as well as stories from my nomadic year around the globe and how I love arranged marriages. I put a lot of love into this show and I want to keep it free, so I truly appreciate it if you would leave a 5-star review on iTunes/Apple podcasts and share it with your friends.


I started my fifth novel during NaNoWriMo 2018. This is my most physically painful activity. It isn’t easy to type with the neuropathy, spasticity, and vision disability my disease brings. I haven’t been able to get a full night’s sleep since I started this novel because of the neck and shoulder spasms computer use incurs, and I feel this pain almost 24 hours a day, which takes an emotional toll. There have been mornings where I scream and cry because I can’t take the pain and sleep deprivation anymore.

But a writer writes, and since the other love of my life, dance, was taken away from me, I refuse to give this up.