Wise Child Admissions Coaching Mentorship

Want to be a college admissions coach?

Let's rephrase this - want to work from home on your own time, change a young person's entire life, and give people a chance to make their dream come true at the age of 17?

I run Wise Child Coaching and I'm a Harvard admissions interviewer. I am the secret weapon to hundreds of Ivy and top college students you see right now - my students go on to become NYT journalists WHILE IN COLLEGE, they get full rides, and they're hired by Bitcoin - as sophomores.

And I'm going to train you to do this.

I'm taking on mentees/coaches-in-training who want to go into admissions coaching. This is a HOT NICHE, people, and I'm sharing all my secrets with you.

If you want to join the team and eventually run it on your own, SIGN UP BELOW: