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You're Not Selling A Product - You're Selling A Story.

What's the difference between an actor and a normie reading a script out loud?

The actor doesn't look like he's acting.

As a film and television actor, solo show performer, conference speaker and workshop leader, communicating to an audience is in my bones.  I've branded myself 5 times in my young life by telling my story: as an actor, as a dancer, as a writer, as an admissions genius and now - as your secret weapon.

The days of cold corporate are over. With social media, executives are no longer hidden in boardrooms. Consumers want to know WHO ARE YOU?

Do you have the skills to connect in today's world? 

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Totally Awesome Online Presence

Looking to erupt into the world with your online presence? Through my partnership with design and strategy firm foossa, we can take you from inception to explosion. Fast. Fun. Foossa.

Inspiration into impact...