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Best of 2016: Sophia in Review

The last 4 months were some of the worst in my entire life and I have never been so happy to say welcome a new year!

2016 was a 9 year, which completes a 9-year-cycle (of horrific pain, apparently) that signifies endings, letting go, and forgiveness. 2017 is a 1 year and I'm already ecstatic!

Despite the utter hell, there are still amazing moments in 2016 to honor:


1) BEST Moment of 2016:

I usually celebrate my birthday for a week, but I crammed all four parties (including a baptism!) into 2.5 days. It took me about a week to recover. WORTH IT.

Here's 80% the footage from the weekend crammed into less than 4 minutes. Watch for the gift of a lifetime - something unicorns use to poop rainbows...


2)Best New Project 2016: Griot good

Lee-Sean Huang has been collaborating with me to use our Harvard degrees to completely ruin the Asian American reputation for more years than we would like to divulge. 

This year we filmed an Asian fusion cooking show called Griot Good, where we coordinate our outfits to the theme and cuisine.

I hope my dad is glad he pushed me so hard.


Apparently people love when I share how unbearably painful my life is in gory detail, so here you go - Sophia's latest piece on the endless regrets that make up my life! Click the photo

4) Best Trip in 2016:

I spent an amazing week in Philadelphia before my annual trip home to NYC, and Nick Lachey even made my pizza:

Full post from Facebook:

Most of you know that SYTYCD was instrumental in my becoming a pro dancer way back in my Hollywood years. What I haven't mentioned is that the Sing-Off is what inspired me to finally audition for an a capella group, which took me around SoCal performing for awesome events. (see celebrities HERE)

Last night in Philly I got to tell Nick Lachey what that show inspired me to do and he thought it was super cool.

5) single Best Thing About 2016:

Becoming a Christian. Two weeks ago I celebrated my one year (re)birthday in Christ. My life has changed irrevocably - I've healed in ways I haven't been able to for 3 decades, and I broke a dating addiction I've had for over twenty years (articles on those coming soon).

I also started a personal blog and some of my best articles are there about my spiritual and relationship lessons from my (painful) life. Visit FiftyTwoFaces

6) honorable header mention - COSPLAY OF 2016:

The mysterious redhead in the lower header photo is me performing live band karaoke at the Hard Rock Cafe as Black Widow. <--yes there is a video

Captain Asian America, Yellow Widow, and Spider Pinoy at the MARVEL Avengers premiere. I rode the gold line like this and nobody batted an eye.

Captain Asian America, Yellow Widow, and Spider Pinoy at the MARVEL Avengers premiere. I rode the gold line like this and nobody batted an eye.


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Filming Griot Good in Phoenix
© 2016 Lee-Sean Huang and Sophia Chang

© 2016 Lee-Sean Huang and Sophia Chang

#nomad2015 has concluded!

Introducing Griot Good

I spent the 13th and final month on the road in beautiful Arizona shooting the first season of my brand new cooking show with fellow storyteller Lee-Sean Huang.

Griots are West African traveling storytellers and musicians. LS and I have wandered the world eating and singing since our Harvard days (much longer than we care to remember) and now we're bringing you the goods in food culture!

© 2016 Sophia Chang

© 2016 Sophia Chang

There could not have been a better way to start 2016.

We cooked and ate until I had heartburn, did yoga, watched Melrose Place (the original) late into the night, hiked the stunning Sonoran desert in a desperate attempt to lose what we were gaining, and made mochi versions of everything.

Episode 1 is live now! We're dressing up in traditional Chinese wear and making Beer + Chocolate Short Ribs on a Spicy Slaw. It takes 100 subscribers to get us a personalized URL so we'd really appreciate if you subscribe to our Youtube!


We are @griotgood on all social media: