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How To Deal With the Dreaded "I Can't Afford It" Response

I'm so stoked to hand the blog over today to Halley Gray, one of the most supportive and helpful entrepreneurs and coaches I've ever met. She answers the most hair-pulling-out quandary we get - what to do when potential clients give you the dreaded "I can't afford it right now" response!


You want to book yourself out but holy crap, people keep trying to small you down.

It creates a shit-storm of doubt that swirls thru you every time a prospective client says, ‘that’s out of my price range’.


There’s no reason to start doubting your pricing. If your sales page is doing its job then that’s not the problem.

If you’ve put out amazing content that breaks down barriers around buying your service - then content is not your problem.

Do you talk to other people online and form real relationships? Then it’s not your visibility.


This is your problem:

You don’t have a marketing funnel in place.


The lower budget peeps want you and all your loving attention.

They just don’t want to buy you dinner first.

Instead of giving your 100% focus for beans (not sustainable nor good for you).


Create a workshop.

Create an ebook.

Create an e-course.

Create a podcast.

Create a Q&A.

Find a way to give the people what they want and maintain your sanity.

No one wants to be the ‘cheap’ client. (I’ve been one. It sucks.)

And the people who have the courage to say ‘that’s too high for me (right now)’ are the ones you want to reward.

This is how you gain momentum and start getting booked out.

Go and make clever solutions!


Halley Gray is the marketing strategist over at Evolve & Succeed. She focuses on getting creative freelancers booked out in advance (plus booming in business). She does this by using a specific combination of science experiments, content strategies and sales techniques. Read more about how getting booked out makes your life more fun.