APA Month Charity Spotlight: The Animal Hope & Wellness Foundation

Marc Ching is not just a dad, husband, and powerful herbalist. He also flies to Asia repeatedly and physically carries dogs out of slaughterhouses into safety. Many die on the way to the emergency room.

It's hard for me to watch some of the videos, and they don't even show a fraction of what Marc sees when he rescues these dogs - but the videos have happy endings.

If you have even $3 to spare (I scraped that much in coins from the car), please DONATE - and if you have time or love, consider FOSTERING or volunteering.

And if you really don't have anything to spare, or are just a heartless person*, consider making them your charity of choice when you shop at Amazon. It's completely FREE and effortless for you! 

*Yep. I'm Asian guilting you because it's APA Month. #tigermom

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