Big City Girl

The shopping center near me in HK

The shopping center near me in HK

I'm a city girl - I mean a true big city - with density, and hundred-floor towers. I've been guffawing at my country mice friends who've been submitting their quaint towns to me on Instagram and calling them cities (until a Canadian yelled at me to stop laughing - they can do that, you know).

But the truth is I feel like I'm sleepwalking when there aren't any skyscrapers. For a long time I felt like I was dead in Southern California. Just trudging like a dry ghost alongside the rest of the Borg, talking about absolutely nothing and watching my hair get inexplicably lighter. 

It was quicksand. Took too long to get out.

You have to know what wakes you Alive. And when you're done with the excuses, or when yet another a shitty event finally makes you snap, make your move. 

Get to your skyscraper - or whatever Alive is for you. When you wake up again, you'll wonder how you could even breathe in that sleeping state. And you'll never look back again.