Behind the Great Firewall

Downtown Guangzhou

Downtown Guangzhou

China is the hardest leg of my world travel so far. I came here knowing only one person - and not a person I wanted to spend much time with, almost all social media is blocked, and now I've been food poisoned for 2 days and counting.

But the silver lining persists: I have since met an adorable half-cousin for the first time and performed tabletop Taylor Swift at karaoke for a group of shrieking middle-aged dancers.

The Great Firewall has forced me to unplug; I actually finished reading a whole book! And not once did I miss a status update about Chris Brown's baby momma or someone's cat.

(Although I'm super stoked about Kelly Clarkson verifying that she dated Sideshow Guarini - but, duh. Didn't we already now this?)

And I'm sure at the end of this nausea and cramping, I'll be happy with how #skinnybitch I look. See? Hope springs.

Plus there are always #skyscrapers to feed my City Baby heart.