You Can Come Back From the Dead


I believe in redemption.

I learned how to make amends and live with integrity by recently living with someone who, 9 years ago, almost died from alcohol, coke and meth. 

I believe in second chances.

I, too, didn't want to die. Even in the moments when I thought I would.

I have felt the rage at being so unloved you wonder if you were born just so someone could hate you.

I have fallen into the hole in my heart and couldn't crawl out for 12 hours.

I've had the wave subsume me until I was nothing but a body of pain.

And I've crawled back from the dead.

I've been loved until my brokenness was okay.

I've watched the face of God in my dog's burnt umber eyes.

I've stood and been seen.

Whatever it is, this is life. 

This is you. 

You were meant to live.

No matter how many times you die, you will rise.

inspiration, my lifeSophia Chang